A Sampling of Tri Os Shire Folk...

 Lord John-Carlos Lobo del Mar

Lady Enise

"Merhaba, good Gentles of Tri Os and beyond!"

This is Lady Enise, daughter of Oghuz the Bookseller, and officer of Arts and Sciences in the happy Shire of TriOs (may its blessings never diminish).

Enise was born in the year 1440 (as those in the West reckon the passage of the years) in the caravanserai of Samarkand, a city of scholars on the vast Transoxian plain. Though born in glittering Samarkand, and have dwelt in many fine cities between the Great Western Sea and the majestic Himalayas, in truth the road is her home, her spirit as light as a flight of birds.

Enise is the seventh child and only daughter of Oghuz the Bookseller (may his spirit find rest in the bosom of the Divine). As her father's only daughter, one fears she was much indulged. Oghuz, a scholar and lover of learning, insisted that Enise should be tutored alongside her brothers, though her mother did argue that too much learning was unattractive in a woman. Although her loved her mother most dearly and deferred to her in most matters, in this he would not be overruled. Thus was Enise  introduced to the three great loves of her life: books, travel, and learning. In time, as the years grew heavy upon her father's shoulders, she took over the day-to-day dealings of his business, leaving him free to converse with the scholars who frequented their stall.

Of late, Enise has tarried along the warm and pleasant shores of the fair land of Trimaris, in the Shire of Tri-Os. Here does she seek to perfect her skills of cookery, music, dance, art, and letters, even as she continues to read and study the languages, lifeways and traditions of the people she met upon her way.

Enise is always happy to converse over a glass of tea, and correspond with fellow travelers and lovers of learning. You may leave a message for her here in this most congenial meeting place, or write to her at:      


"Hoshcha kalınız"

Mefrouwe Beatrix de Tulp van der Weyden!

A German national, with a  Dutch persona!

Lady Beatrix is the youngest daughter of an
Amsterdam trader and shipowner;

childhood  she has been following her father from country to country, harbor to harbor, and ship to ship... Always watching, listening and learning...

Her timeline is
loosely (un)defined 1480? 1530? 1630? (depending on the flair of her garb!)

Beatrix likes to sew clothes for herself or on a whim for some lucky gentleman. She is renown for her on-of-a-kind fancy headwear ....and believes one is not dressed without!

In mka, Beatrix is always helping with heraldic designs / submissions ; feast cooking; dancing, decorating at events (and pitching tents and other grunt work); collecting art
and history books, reveling, learning, and most of all...the art of Medieval  dance!!!

Lady Ceridwen verch Caradog

is a Welsh woman living in 1312 near Machynelleth in Powys.

Edward I, known as Longshanks, King of England invaded Wales at the end of the previous century and now Wales is under the military rule of England.  As a young adult, Ceridwen served as the nurse for the children of Prince Dafydd ap Gryffyth of Wales. In this capacity, she learned to speak French and English and traveled in England and France.

She was exposed to life at court and acquired several fine gowns. When King Edward captured and beheaded  Dafydd, Ceridwen fled to Scotland, where she met and married a widower, Morgan MacInlay Field. With Morgan’s two daughters, the couple moved back to Wales, where they now live amongst their children and grandchildren.

Morgan is a luthier who travels widely to serve his customers. Ceridwen remains at home maintaining house and farm. She is especially interested in weaving and music. She owns several instruments and enjoys singing and dancing. When she gets caught up on chores, she can be found playing the harp, recorder, or bowed psaltery.

Ceridwen is often accompanied by her granddaughter Tanwyn, known as Tansy.

 Ceridwen verch Caradog and Tanwyn

Heinrich Lancbart

Merchant and maker of finely dyed linens from the Far East

Co-Author of
"The Proper Way to Dye Cloth By the Most Modern and Efficient Means available in these the Final Days, of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Twelve."

 Lady Azra bint Seljuk

Roma Gypsy, Half-Sister to Ana

Vagabond Silk Merchant, Troubadour and Flamenco Enthusiast

Co-Author of "The Proper Way to Dye Cloth By the Most Modern and Efficient Means Available in These the Final Days, of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Twelve."

Andelucian Gypsy
Asra bint Seljuk and her Persian/Romanian ancestress
Esraa Tandes

Ana de Calo

Roma Gypsy, Half-Sister to Azra

Vagabond, Troubadour and Flamenco Enthusiast

Co-Author of "The Proper Way to Dye Cloth By the Most Modern and Efficient Means available in These the Final Days, of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Twelve."

The Friar Elijah
Minister of Prayer

Joette Giorgis
See Joette on facebook.com / joette.giorgis

Juliet Lewicki

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