Shire Officers


The  Seneschal is the facilitator of SCA policy and procedure, (like a club's president).

Lady Enise, bint Oghuz

mka Jo-Ann Lambert


 Hospitaller? Chatelain/Chatelaine? Castellan?  Regardless of the title this office has one main purpose: Welcoming newcomers to the Current Middle Ages. The specific title is not important; the scope of the office is.
While each kingdom defines the duties slightly differently, it is primarily the office designated to coordinate the education and orientation of new members. There are three distinct areas that generally fall to the Hospitaller: Recruiting new members (usually through “demos”), talking to newcomers (educating in SCA customs) and lending clothing (“garb”).

Lady Ceridwen is responsible for  providing SCA introductory information to all new members,

Lady Ceridwen verch Caradog

mka Carolyn Haykin

Welcome Newcomers!

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances, including feasts, music and dance!

Duties include  promoting the dissemination of accurate information about the fields under study.

Lady Enise will  help
new members learn to make garb suitable for their "persona."

Lady Enise, bint Oghuz

mka Jo-Ann Lambert


The Herald  is is responsible for coordinating all heraldry in the Shire. The Herald attends events sponsored by the Shire and coordinates field and court heraldry at the events, or arranges for this to be done.
Lady Beatrix assists individuals with heraldic submissions and maintains files of reports and correspondence.

Lady Beatrix de Tulp van der Weyden

mka Beate Hunton


The Exchequer reports to the Kingdom Treasurer, and is in charge of all financial activities for the Shire.

Lady Raven Dudley

mka Melissa Homan

Combat Marshal

The Knight/Combat Marshal is responsible for overseeing combat activities in the Shire to insure safety purposes.

Lord Balthasar  has been a  Combat Marshal for Trimaris and  is a 20 yr fighter squired to Duke Talymar.

welcomes all new members and beginners!

Lord Balthasar

mka William Turpen

Training new fighters and offering basic armor workshops!
Beginner Combatants !


The Webminister is the person who is responsible for an SCA kingdom or Shire website. The Webminister links to sites that relate to the SCA and/or web sites whose focus is the history in the time frame that the SCA recreates, which is the European medieval ages (roughly 600AD to 1600AD).

The Webminister  is also in charge of all official electronic publications for the Shire

Azra bint Seljuk

mka Cathi Ferrara-Costa

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