Our Work

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the study of pre-17th century Western Culture.  It concentrates on the European Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.  Members work to recreate  the arts and skills of this era. 


From the martial skills of the Knight, to the decorative arts of the weaver, to everything in-between!

Members attend large meetings called "Events" and smaller Demonstrations "(Demos)" and "Revels."
The SCA differs from Renaissance Fairs in that it is totally participatory, not a performance for observers.
 The focus is on actual history, as opposed to fantasy.  
SCA members are frequently requested to visit schools and to demonstrate everything from the clothing of the Medieval periods
to different aspects of the culture.

What is an SCA Event?

SCA sponsored events promote education and research in specific fields. For more information
on SCA Events visit the SCA Events Page.

What is the Difference between an SCA Event and a Renaissance Event?

Renaissance Fairs are performance-oriented events; they are staged for the enjoyment of paying guests, and each of the costumed participants has a particular role to play, or character to portray. SCA events (called tournaments) on the other hand, are participation-oriented events. Although spectators are gladly welcomed at an SCA event, the activities at a tournament are put on by and for the members of the Kingdom or Shire, not staged for the guests,

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