Sin Regla

The Newsletter of the Shire of Tri-os

September 2013


Seneschal (Chapter President): Lord John-Carlos Lobo-do-mar, m.k.a. John-Carlos


Exchequer (Finance): Lady Raven Dudley, m.k.a. Melissa Homan

Web Mistress: Ezra Seljuk de Calo, m.k.a. Cathi Costa

Herald (Historian): Lady Beatrix De Tulp, m.k.a. Beate Hunton

Mistress of Arts/Sciences (Activities): Lady Enise , m.k.a. Joanne Lambert

Hospitaller (Membership): Lady Ceridwen verch Caradog, m.k.a. Carolyn Haykin 


September Business Meeting

The September Business meeting took place on the second Monday of the month due to the number of members who attended Fall Coronation at Camp Ocala and were just returning on the first Monday.

Most business focused on our upcoming event, Voyage of Discovery, which will take place on October 5 at Heston Hall, Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Society in Stuart. Our Seneschal, John-Carlos Lobo-de-mar, was not able to attend the meeting due to health issues. We hope that he is well enough to be back among us soon. Lady Raven presented the Exchequer’s Report. Members discussed a royal gift of gas cards for our new King and Queen, Yoan and Song-mi (Bres). We decided to give them $50. Lady Raven also distributed checks to Lady Enisse for feast, Lady Ceridwen for gate, and Lady Beatrix for Autocrat expenses for our upcoming event.

Ezra presented the Web Mistress’ report. We are continuing to struggle with the problem of closing/eliminating websites associated with the Shire that were started by former members. We need those people to close their own sites. The Kingdom Hospitaller was upset when she sent a potential newcomer to the first site listed on the web and discovered that it was not a valid site. Members are concerned about this issue but no firm solutions were identified. Ezra also reported that Web Ministers/Mistresses will soon be warranted and the Kingdom Web Minister is urging all groups to move their websites under the kingdom domain. Members had doubts and concerns about this but as yet, there is no timeline for this transition.

Lady Enise presented the Arts and Sciences report. She urges all gentles to keep her informed about their pursuits in Arts and Sciences. She would like to submit a report to kingdom overflowing with our activities. Enise also reported on the planned menu for Voyage of Discovery. For the next month, she will be cooking in the evenings and she invites all who are able to join her at her home to help. Contact her directly to agree on a time. If you have ideas or requests for upcoming Arts/Sci activities, let Enise know. Tanwyn requested a class on blacksmithing. She might have a contact for someone who could teach it. Enise would like to restart the monthly Bardic Circle. This idea was greeted warmly and we will start after we are done with our event. Ceridwen and Enise attended the Bardic Circles at Fall Coronation and learned new songs and stories.

Lady Beatrix reported that there were not any new Heraldry items. Members discussed King Yoan’s desire that groups produce heraldic banners to be carried in procession at Gulf Wars. Tanwyn reported that she had learned about silk painting at Fall Coronation. Members were in consensus that we should have an Art/Sci class/activity for banner painting.

Lady Ceridwen gave the Hospitaller’s Report. She has had contact with a potential new member named Robert, who is very enthusiastic and plans to join us at our event. Ceridwen reported on information received at the Kingdom Hospitaller meeting at Fall Coronation. Her warrant has expired and she needs to take a class to reinstate it. Jehanette, the Kingdom Hospitaller urged us to develop a strategic plan to increase membership. She indicated we should not invest our time and resources for education demos unless we are having plenty of recruiting demos. She suggested that we “borrow” some younger, more attractive gentles from another shire to put a more appealing face on our group when recruiting. These suggestions were met with much discussion. Members concurred that we could have some free activities in public places to attract new members. The Kingdom Hospitaller suggested that we ask fighters from other shires to hold practices in our area from time to time. Ceridwen responded that we had had difficulty bringing this together in the past because fighters did not want to travel to fight the same people that they always fight. The Kingdom Hospitaller stated that we should remind them that it is their duty to help grow the organization. Ceridwen explained to Jehanette that our area is still suffering from a severe economic depression and that many gentles who wanted to participate were not able to due to financial issues. After the event, we will need to work on a strategic growth plan.

In other business, we discussed our upcoming event, Voyage of Discovery, We confirmed what various people will do. Tanwyn and Ceridwen will create “aprons” to be worn by “Taino” servers during the first course. Ceridwen will contact Morriganna and make sure that she is prepared for her class on the Taino. Ceridwen will bring some bamboo since she has learned that the Taino used bamboo for many things. Several members promised to serve at feast. Raven and Ceridwen checked the reserve of NCR forms and decided that we did not need to order any. Raven suggested the denominations to get for the gate to make change. We will reserve our upcoming Art/Sci meeting to prepare further for the event.

Looking for Deputies

Just a reminder, all of our officers would welcome deputies. Serving as a deputy allows you to serve the Shire without taking on the full responsibility of being an officer. The deputy fulfills the duties of the officer when the officer is unable to and acts as an assistant. If you become a deputy, you are not obligated to eventually take over the office although it is good practice if you do eventually become an officer. Our offices are: Seneschal (chapter president), Exchequer (treasurer), Web Minister Herald (secretary/historian/heraldry expert), Minister of Arts & Sciences, Hospitaller (membership). To find out more about any office, feel free to talk to the current officers.

Announcing “Voyage of Discovery”

The Shire of Tri-os is proud to announce an event, The Voyage of Discovery, which will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Stuart. We have had to relocate to the UU church at the last minute due to a conflict with Hope Lutheran. The UU church is convenient to I-95 and does offer us a full kitchen. We have used the site satisfactorily for two other events. To get to the church from Port St. Lucie, follow US 1 across the Roosevelt Bridge to the third light (Publix Shopping Center will be on the right). Turn right onto Kanner Highway (St. Road 76). Go about 1 mile and turn left onto Central Parkway. Starstruck Community Theater and a three story office building with a large fountain will be on your left. The church is the second building on the left. To come from the south on I 95, get off at the first Stuart exit, State Road 76/Kanner Highway. Follow Kanner east toward Stuart approximately 7 miles. Pass Martin County High on the left and cross Monterey Road (State Road 710) at the light. In one block, turn right onto Central Parkway. To come from I 95 from the north, take the first Stuart exit, Martin Highway/St. Road 710 and follow it all the way over the Palm City Bridge and turn left on Kanner Highway. Note: State Rd. 710 makes a 90 degree left turn where the turnpike entrance is and becomes Martin Downs Boulevard. To come from the Turnpike, get off at the Stuart/Palm City exit and go straight from the tollbooth onto Martin Downs Boulevard. Continue until you cross the Palm City Bridge over the South Fork of the St. Lucie River. Take the next allowable left at the light after the bridge onto Kanner Highway then turn right onto Central Parkway.

This event will celebrate the triumphant return to Spain of Christopher Columbus after his first journey to the New World. We will have educational displays and classes on the Taino Indians who greeted Columbus and on the things that Columbus took back to introduce to Europe. We will offer other classes, dancing, and games as well as fighting. The UU church offers us a roomy, air-conditioned hall. Our wonderful feast will reflect Columbus’ experiences in the New World and when he returned to Spain. Lunch will be available for a small fee. It will represent the foods eaten by sailors on the journey. As those of you who have attended our events in the past know, it will be event with something for everyone and the food will be delectable.

Our humble shire cannot offer crash space but Stuart is renowned for its beautiful beaches and there are many quaint little motels in the area that offer resort amenities for reasonable prices. There are most certainly other interesting events happening in the area that weekend. If you are interested in making it a weekend, contact the Hospitaller, Ceridwen verch Caradog at 772 225 4163 for more information

September Art/Sci

 Our September Art/Sci meeting will be held at Hope Lutheran Church on Monday, September 23 at 7:00 PM. We will mostly be tying up loose ends with regards to Voyage of Discovery. Lady Beatrix will present pictures and other information about the event she attended in Drachenwald (Europe’s Kingdom) in the early summer.

Our August Art/Sci meeting was a Bardic Circle. It was well attended and no one wanted to go home. Several gentles told stories and sang songs and everyone had fun. We are urging everyone in Tri-os to learn the Trimarian Anthem and “Vivat the Dream” so that we can sing them when the occasion arises. Lady Joette entertained us with several beautiful pieces on her Renaissance guitar and she was well prepared with background on the pieces and her instrument. Lady Enise presented several of her favorite songs, as did Lady Ceridwen. Lady Ceridwen also presented the poem “Lawdy, The Varlet’s Child” which she hopes to memorize. We would love to have more gentles perform and request their favorites. Everyone had so much fun that Lady Enise would like to start having a regular Bardic each month in someone’s home, with potluck snacks. We plan to start after we recover from putting on our event. Lady Ceridwen has written both a poem honoring Tri-maris and an anthem for Tri-os that we might also learn. Anyone is welcome to create their own song or story or perform one that someone else has written. It is not necessary to memorize. At Fall Coronation one lady presented some traditional Arabic tales very successfully and she read from printed copies. It’s a nice aspect of persona development to discover the stories or music your persona might have been familiar with.


Fall Coronation

 A number of the populace of Tri-os made the journey to Camp Ocala for Fall Coronation. As expected, the weather was HOT but most of us survived. Lady Enise, Lady Ceridwen, Tanwyn, Isana and her partner, and Lady Beatrix all camped. Ezra, Ricardo, Heinrich, Ana and Friar Elijah weathered the night in a motel. Alas, it proved too hot for Friar Elijah and a number of gentles had to cut short their trip. This was a disappointment for Queen Song-mi and Duchess Eridani because they had been looking forward to meeting Friar Elijah since they have heard of the inspiration that he gives to the good people of Tri-os.

The last court of King Kurn and Queen Eridani was bittersweet. These royals were much beloved and their reign will be remembered. The coronation of King Yoan and Queen Song-mi (a.k.a Bres) was full of pageantry and Korean flavor. Many awards were given out, including some to member of our Shire. These will be discussed later, after we have an opportunity to celebrate at our own event. Attendees enjoyed two marvelous feasts. On Saturday, there was a very interesting Korean feast. Those at our table particularly enjoyed the Sesame Tofu and the spinach. On Sunday, we had a more typical feast. A highlight was a whole chicken baked in a crust. Everyone ate well and made merry.

Ceridwen and Ezra attended the Hospitaller’s Meeting and the Seneschal’s Meeting, since Lord John-Carlos was unable to attend. Lady Beatrix also attended the Seneschal’s meeting, as well as the Herald’s meeting. All brought back a number of items for discussion for the Shire. Ezra attended the Web Minister’s meeting and continues to bravely shoulder the responsibility for our Internet presence.

Tanwyn and Lady Beatrix enjoyed dances on both nights. Ceridwen and Lady Enise attended the Bardic Circles. Tanwyn also had the opportunity to learn silk painting and the art of Japanese braiding. She is willing to share her knowledge with anyone who is interested. Despite the hot weather, it was actually quite cool at night. Also, several gentles enjoyed bathing in the lake to cool off. It was delightful.

Some Kingdom events to look forward to are: Martinmas Moot (crown lyst), Spring Coronation, and Trimarian Memorial Tournament (TMT) in addition to Gulf Wars.



Newsletter plans

Currently it is our plan to have our newsletter distributed electronically. It will come out during the week following our monthly business meeting. Our Hospitaller, Lady Ceridwen (Carolyn Haykin) will be the editor. Submissions can be sent to her at Submissions are due by the first Monday in each month for inclusion in that month’s newsletter. We plan to regularly cover the business meeting and include reports from each officer. We will describe the Arts/Sci meeting for the month and any other upcoming events. Any member or friend is welcome to submit an article, although the editor and/or Seneschal reserve the right to exclude articles deemed inappropriate. We also hope to offer tips and information about life in these Modern Middle Ages.

Warm Weather Camping

     1.      Get a fan. Hand held fans were very “period” and both ladies and lords may have them. Many people have folding paper fans, which are readily available at oriental groceries. Fancier fans, made of wood or ivory, are available as well. I have seen fans woven from reeds and grass. Being able to gently fan yourself while sitting by the lyst field or in a class is essential in hot weather.

     2.      Get a sun hat. Both men and women wore broad brimmed hats to shade their eyes and faces. A comfortable hat is another essential.

     3.      Drink water. Come to the event prepared to have something to drink at hand at all times. You can disguise a modern water bottle in a little cloth bag. A water bottle bag is easy to make but you can also find many suitable bags already made. I use a bag intended to use to dress up a bottle of wine to hide my water bottle. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times and stash some extras in your basket. It is very easy to get dehydrated at a warm weather event.

     4.      Buy a portable fan. I have several 10 inch battery powered fans. You can get them at drug stores and discount stores. I don’t use them in public but they really help cool you down when you are in your tent. I find that I can use my fan for many hours on one set of batteries.

     5.      Make a “summer weight” sleeping bag. I took a queen size flat sheet, folded it in half and sewed it across the bottom and halfway up the open side. The resulting sack makes a neat, cool bed for camping.

     6.      Bring your bathing suit. Camp Ocala has a lovely sand beach and swimming area on the lake. Bathing suits aren’t period but no one will comment if you take a dip to cool off.

     7.      Take it easy. When wearing layers of clothes more appropriate to the mini ice age of Medieval Europe in muggy Florida, you will be much more comfortable if you move slowly. Don’t hurry. Relax and enjoy sitting in classes, talking to friends, doing handwork, or watching the lyst. You will feel much cooler if you stay calm.

     8.      Adopt a “summer” persona. Some people become Egyptian, Greek, or Roman when the weather gets hot. Celtic personas can wear a “bog dress” which is basically a tube with arm openings that fastens over the shoulders. It is much lighter than typical Celtic garb. Other people wear t-tunics and “breeches”. They wear what are essentially shorts under a t-tunic during hot weather.