New to The SCA?

Welcome to the Shire of Tri Os! We are a group within the Society for Creative

 Anachronism Inc, or the SCA. The SCA divides the Known World into kingdoms

 based upon geographic location. Kingdoms are further broken down into

 Principalities, Baronies, Shires and Cantons.

Whether you have found us by a web search, met someone at an SCA event  or are looking for others who have a serious interest in researching, exploring, and recreating things Medieval --  you have found a home!

The SCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical, educational research and recreation of Medieval Western European culture.

As members, we explore the many aspects of European life between 600 AD and 1600 AD. We study the arts and sciences (cooking, sewing, brewing, building), we explore medieval styles of combat and war, we hone medieval fighting skills, and we experience the flirtations of courtly love through poetry, dance, and song.

Better yet, come to an event (see the Happenings and Events links and the meeting times listed for local groups). When you get there, walk up to someone and say "I’m new. Can you explain what you are doing here?" Members of the SCA welcome "visitors" from the 20th Century, and they love to share their knowledge of everyday facts and details of medieval life.

Please ask questions about how you can join us! You can contact the Hospitaller, Paula of Tri Os . She is the person who welcomes new participants into the SCA by not only introducing them to experienced members, but also by teaching them about SCA and Kingdom traditions, customs and rules and helping new participants fit in.

Contact Paula at:



As you can see, there is truly something for everyone in what is called the "Current Middle Ages"
Please consider this your invitation to explore and enjoy medieval history along with us. We would be most honored to have you join us as together we travel a path in time built upon chivalry, honor, loyalty, courtesy, and service. Welcome!
For more information about the SCA, click on the SCA Member Resources link below.

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