A Celebration in Three Courses

in Honor of

Señor Colón's Miraculous Return from the Indies

First Course:                    A Taino Feast of Farewell

- Cassava flatbread (Bammy) - Arawak/Taino  

- Vegetarian pepperpot soup (Arawak/Taino)

- Spicy Arawak/Taino Guanaho (Turkey),  served with grilled squash, sweet potato, and maize pudding                                                                                                                                                                       

- Dukunu



Second Course: Foul-weather Fare in a Lisbon tavern

- Olive oil and sea-salt almonds

- Pate de Azeitonas Verdes, served with assorted breads and vegetables

- Grao

-  Caldo Verde

- Braised Pork with Chickpeas, Lemon and Rosemary, served with rice

- Orange cake served with custard cream



Third Course: A  Feast in Honor of Señor Colón's Safe Return from their Most Catholic Majesties' possessions in the Indies.   

- Assorted tapas

-  Aioli

- Bread rolls

- Salad of mixed greens

-  Roast beef in a garlic and pepper sauce, served with saffron rice, Catalan spinach, and roasted sweet onions 

- Vegetable paella

- Honeyed flan with plums




An effort has been made to accommodate all diets.  Please contact Event Cook with dietary concerns and restrictions.


 Kadmeffendi Enise bint Öghüz

mka Jo-Ann Lambert