Feast of the Four Winds

A five-course gastronomic celebration of food and flavor from the four coasts of the Mediterranean,

set at the court of the 13th century Norman rulers of Sicily at Palermo.

Course I:

The Levante

An assortment of delectable mezes for sharing, carried across the waves by the Eastern Wind.

Afiyet olsun!

Pita wedges

Haydari, served with cucumber slices and leaves of mint and basil.

Falafel bites

Golden halloumi with Zahtar

Mercimek köftesi (red lentil quenelles)

Su Böreği

Artichoke bottoms with couscous and marinated vegetables

Course II :

The Tramontana

The North Wind blowing across the Italian Peninsula, lifts into its arms the flavors of Rome,

carries them across the Tyrrhenian Sea, and sets them gently upon your table.



Spinach tart

Course III:

The Scirocco

Blowing hot across the desert sands, the fierce South Wind graces your table with the rich flavors of the Maghreb.

دعونا أكل


Mint tea

Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives

Vegetable Tajine


Course IV:

The Ponente

Blowing hot across the Iberian peninsula, the distant Western Wind offers you finesse and fire.


Salad of mixed greens

Spanish Tortilla with cheese and roasted fennel


Course V:

Even the Four Winds must call a truce at the end of the day, cease their warring, and enjoy the peace and calm of the gardens of Palermo.

Buon appetito e grazie!

Due granite

Almond Macaroons


Ingredient lists for each dish will be supplied upon request.  Please advise the Feast Steward of any dietary restrictions.