This is the place in the SCA where the study, teaching, and (controlled) demonstration of historical combat techniques and practices have a home society-wide.  Historical combat classes and demonstrations belong under the purview of the Marshal's Office to allow for the teaching and demonstration of historical martial arts.

Presenting Combat Marshal

Lord Balthasar

The Knight/Combat Marshal is responsible for overseeing combat activities in the Shire to insure safety purposes.

Lord Balthasar  has been a  Combat Marshal for Trimaris and  is a 20 yr fighter squired to Duke Talymar.

  Lord Balthasar welcomes all new members and beginner Combatants!

Lord Balthasar of Eastwick

mka William Turpen


Deputy Marshal Phillip of Tri Os

mka Phillip Corsi

Training New Fighters and Offering Basic Armor Workshops!


Deputy Marshal Phillipe writes:

A glorious armoring was to be had, fixed and made safer the padding in my helm, replaced the strapping and blade work on my sword, and buffed and polished and made most beautiful me arms! What a day thanks be to our very own Lord Balthazar! Also must say many thanks to Dwarven Ranger as we will be putting good use to our new loaner sword and loaner shield that shall always be a part of the Shire's inventory, free for anyone so interested to use and develop an affinity for heavy combat in the SCA, I am sure! Quite a good day. Thank you everyone, again!
Lord Balthasar:  Made new dishing stump. Shield boss is the first completed project.


**Approved Rules for the Study and Education of Historical Combat Techniques within the SCA (c)
From the Office of the Society MoAS
approved at the 7/15/2005 Board of Directors Mtg
Tim Jennings, Society MoAS. (
David Biggs – Society Deputy for Martial Studies (

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