Four Winds Event Schedule

10 am - 10 pm

Ongoing throughout the day: by Juliet....
Sale of garb and other SCAdian stuff
Display of Sicilian History...timeline of people and events...garb, architecture, languages, agriculture and trade.

10 am - In
Money of the Time. The showing of antique coins. Presented by Baron Sebastian

11 am The Troubadours. Historical facts and music, by Joette

12 pm - In Hall
Presentation about Trimarian Land fund. Presented by Baron Sebastian Haliburton.
Sale of Trimarian songs on CDs

12:30  pm - LUNCH

Private fundraiser lunch of Sicilian traditional foods.

1 pm - In Hall

Fighting styles: Normans vs Muslim warriors.
 Round table discussion and show and tell of real weaponry. Fighting techniques in regard to curved swords and other weapons encountered when facing Muslim warriors in Sicily and on Crusades.

1:30 pm - In Hall

2 - 5:30 pm - In List Field
Two lysts each ( for prizes ) for light and heavy weapons...on two separate fields.

2 pm - In Res
Newcomers/Persona Development

3 pm - In Hall
Turkish and other buttons

4 pm - In Hall

6 pm - In List Field
A game for all..teams to compete ...defense of town against attackers (with
" quarried stones leftover from building town wall")

7 pm - In Hall
Awarding of prizes before feast

FEAST of the Four Winds
Entertainment during feast ( Lady Mirandil, Juliet and others )
Feast Menu