Enjoy mayhem, merriment, and fun as the Shire of Tri Os travels by the Four Winds to four known corners of the World!

There will be Light and Heavy Fighters Tournaments, Bardic performances, Prizes, arts, fun, frivolity, and feasting.

Come and enjoy!

Feast Menu

Private Fund Raiser Lunch available for $5.00 to support the Trimaris Land Fund

Schedule of Events

The mingling of Mediterranean cultures in Sicily brought forth exchanges in medicine, astrology, mathematics, nautical knowledge, music, games and poetry. We invite you to atively participate in similar exchanges whether as a display, a class or a round table discussion.

For Example:
Can you demonstrate the Astrolabe? Use an Abacus? Explain the Zero? Do you know the coins used in the Mediterranean trade? Talk about the changes in the rules for Chess? Extoll the advantages of a curved sword? Be a hunting or hawking master?

At our Feast we will be serving culinary delights from the Levant area, North Africa, Spain and Italy. We would love to have these dishes accompanied by songs or stories from "home." Or, see some dancing or juggling, etc.

  We will have two fields for light and heavy COMBAT.  With prizes!  Unique A & S Classes inside and out. Merchants and a SCAdian flea market.

Wonderful Private Fundraiser lunch available for Trimaris Land Fund!

Anyone wanting to contribute entertainment during Feast, or participate in  an exchange  of knowledge, please contact the Event Stewards as soon as possible  at 772-530-5336 so that arrangements can be made!


Lady Beatrix de Tulp van der Weyden

mka Beate Hunton

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Lady Azra bint Seljuk

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Lady Ceridwen verch Caradog

mka Carolyn Haykin

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home 772-225-4163 before 9 pm

cell 772-763-4351 anytime


Lady Enise bint Oghuz

mka Jo-Ann Lambert


Feast Menu

Contact  us  for details on overnight accommodations.

Lord Balthasar of Eastwick

mka William Turpen


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